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Webbing Clothes Moth Pack

Webbing Clothes Moth Pack


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A pack of products to deal with an average infestation of webbing clothes moth in one or two rooms.

The image may not contain all the products supplied.

These are our top selling products for clothes moth control and the recent introduction of Transfluthrin as an active ingredient to the Rentokil Moth Killer products is making clothes moth control more certain and less costly than before. Transfluthrin slow releases over a period of up to six months meaning less often replacements and therefore lower costs.

This Moth pack contains the following:

1 x Pro-Active C (Cypermethrin 0.1%) 1 litre trigger spray
2 x Pro-Active Mini Smoke Fumers
1 x Rentokil Moth Killer Strips (1 pack of 2)
2 x Rentokil Moth Killer Hanging Units (2 packs of 2)
2 x Moth Pheromone Attractant Sticky Traps
1 x Moth Pheromone Holder
1 x Face Mask
1 x Gloves

As with most pests, you will need to be through in your treatment in order to gain success.

You can deal with clothes by dry cleaning, washing at a temperature in excess of 70c or freezing in polybags (squeeze out air before freezing) for 72 hours.

2016 update:
We are now able to offer Acana Clothing Spray which is ideal for application to clothes before storage.

Back to treatment. Once clothes are removed from the storage area, you need to apply Pro-Active C by spraying all internal surfaces of cupboards, drawers and wardrobes lightly. Allow to dry prior to re-introducing clothes. CLothes that have been dry cleaned, or frozen should be placed in polythene bags to protect them before re-introducing to the storage area. Search Sweater Bags in our search box.

Carpet Treatment:
If you problem is in carpeting, then forget this pack and buy Pro-Active C either 1 or 5 litre depending on area affected.
If possible lift the edges of the carpet and apply Pro-Active C to the underside up to 500mm in from walls, then re fit the carpet and spray the upper carpet surface around 500mm band paralel with the skirtings around the room. Ensure to also spray under furniture, particularly under furniture that is not regularly moved for cleaning.

Price: 43.20 (Including VAT at 20%)


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