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Exosex Clothes Moth Pheromone 2 Tablets with holders

Exosex Clothes Moth Pheromone 2 Tablets with holders

Ref: exosexcltab

• Novel new control measure
• Lasts for two months
• Disrupts moth mating pattern

The Exosex Clothes Moth Pheromone tablet, attracts male Webbing Clothes Moths, which approach to mate with the tablet and in the process, pick up the female pheromone on their bodies, this disrupts their ability to locate a female moth and this, therefore, significantly reduces the amount of eggs being produced by the moth. Males with the pheromone on them will also spread it to other males. There is total confusion as to where the real female moth are!!

This is not so clearly an obvious control measure as the sticky pheromone traps where you actually catch the males that approach the pheromone, but, the males in this case, will spread the pheromone and therefore the potential control is very significantly improved. This product is for larger premises such as carpet warehouses, clothes warehouses, clothes storage areas of theatres etc.

Place tablet in holder and place at 1-2 metres off the floor, one tablet will cover an area of 25 sq. metres and last at least 2 months. This product does not kill moth but totally disrupts the mating process and reduces ongoing infestation considerably, however, we would suggest other control measure be put in place.

If you manage a large warehouse it would be useful to use the sticky monitors to evaluate the success of this new mating disruptor.

DO NOT USE STICKY MONITORS WITHIN 2 METRES OF THE EXOSEX, as they will conflict with each other.

If you have any questions or want advice for your moth infestation, please don't hesitate to call us. We're happy to help and aim to solve your problem as best we can.

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