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Things you should note

Things you should note
There are two main carpet beetle found in the UK, the Varied Carpet Beetle and the Black Carpet Beetle. Treatments is the same for both. The larval stage of the varied carpet beetle is know as the Woolly Bear and it is this stage that causes damage to materials. The larvae of the Black Carpet Beetle is more elongated with a tuft of long hairs protruding form the narrow rear end of the larvae.
The larvae eat almost any type of animal product such as leather, wool, silk, feathers, hair, dried meat, dead insects, and even dried plant material. The black carpet beetle is sometimes a pest in kitchen cupboards, as well as in woollen carpets or clothes storage areas.

Treatment of Carpet Beetle

Adults are attracted to flowers, and in the spring of the year they may fly into the house. Carpet Beetle often sometimes breed within birds nests, larvae may wander from the nest into the attic and other parts of the house. At times, birds and other animals die in chimneys and elsewhere in the house and their carcasses become a source of food for the larvae. Very often, the black carpet beetles are brought into the house with old woolens and carpeting. Sometimes the black carpet beetles are introduced into a dwelling in stored products such as dried dog food.

Successful control depends on locating the source of the infestation. It may be wool content of carpeting, woolen toy, soiled woolen socks in boots, carcasses of birds or other animals, dead insects in chimneys, walls or attic, bits of dried dog food, or similar materials. If you find the infested material, either clean it or destroy the item.
Crevices, particularly under skirtings where lint, hair, and food particles have accumulated are places likely to be infested by carpet beetles.

Infestation may originate from an infested item and move into woolen carpets and this is the main area of concern.
Treatment can be a fairly simple case of applying a liquid insecticide to affected carpeting.
Vacuum through the treatment area prior to chemical application. Ensure that you move furniture away from walls so that you can spray all the dark and hidden areas that these beetle like to congregate.
Ensure that, when replacing the furniture in position that the carpet is dry, alternatively, cover furniture feet with cling film when placing in position on damp surfaces. This stops wood dye leeching into the floor coverings.
Where carpet beetle are originating from birds nests, old food or individual stored items, these should be removed and destoryed, and the area around where the nest/items were located sprayed with Pro-Active C or apply Pro-Active Dust to the location.

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