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Carpet Moth

Carpet Moth (info snippet)

There are various types of moth and here we are offering products for treatment against Case-Bearing Clothes Moths (Tinnea Pellionella), commonly known as CARPET MOTH because they will mostly be found infesting carpets.
Read the "How to control...." page in left column for detailed information.

Below are a range of products for carpet moth control, we suggest the packs are a good value initial solution, should the problem persist, order extra individual products. You can use Moth Pheromone Traps to determine where the problems are but these will attract only the adult male moths. Carpet Moth pheromones are more expensive and less effective than Clothes Moth Pheromones. Carpet Moth are NOT attracted to Clothes Moth pheromones

To treat carpets, remember that these carpet/case bearing moth larvae will be deep seated in the carpet, ideally, lift the edges and spray the reverse of the carpet up to at least 500mm from the outer edge and spray under the skirting (you can alternatively use a Pro-Active Dust for this).
Then treat the surface of the carpet concentrating on areas that do not get regular traffic. Test a small area for colour fastness before treating. For a 15' x12' room you will probably need a one litre trigger Spray of Pro-Active-C. We recommend two treatments 4-6 weeks apart, 2nd one only the upper surface of the carpet requires re-treatment.

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