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Clothes Moth

Clothes Moth (info snippet)

Clothes Moth (info snippet)

There are various types of moth and here we are advising treatment against Clothes Moth, White Shouldered House Moth and Brown House Moth, NOT Stored Product Moth (Food Moth).

Clothes Moth larvae feed mainly on Keratin which can be found in woollen items, furs and other natural materials. Their control is not always easy because the larvae hide in amongst clothes (which should not be directly treated with Insecticides or within cabinets where clothes are stored. Thorough cleaning deters moth but once you have a problem you will probably require chemical application to gain control, although some may prefer the moth pheromone trapping approach. You can use the Moth Pheromone Traps to determine where the problems are but these will attract only the adult male moths, not females, which may have already laid eggs on material. There are no pheromone traps for White Shouldered Moth or Brown House Moth and these moth will be found in more open areas rather than living within clothing, plus, these species will also feed on other food such as foodstuffs !

To treat cupboards and wardrobes we suggest you empty totally, clean, spray lightly with Rentokil Insectrol or Pro-Active-C, allow to dry, re-introduce the clothes. You can place clothes in poly bags and freeze them (squeeze out air) for 72 hours at maximum frost setting to kill moth larvae and probably eggs. Preventive Products can then be used to protect stored clothes

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